Let’s write your way to success!

Copywriting & Content Strategy

We’re a niche content agency writing stories for B2B brands that grab the attention of their dream prospects, bring them closer with an enthralling storyline, and establish a powerful commitment to the brand.

Generate leads

Foster a community

Build revenue channels

Who are You?

A single-man department? We’ll be your right hand.

A startup? Get your best foot forward.

A SaaS company? Educate your users with content.

What we excel in


Content Creation

Attract your dream clients and generate interest in your business with researched and in-depth topics to their taste.


Technical Writing

Ensure customers, partners, and internal teams understand the value of your solutions with the help of clear and concise conceptual and procedural content.


Product Copywriting

 Make users bind to your offer materially and emotionally from first sight. Capture intent – generate demand.


Ads Copywriting

You’re the ideal partner for your clients. Show them the value you provide with captivating messaging.


Social Media

Grow your digital influence across your target social networks with a targeted message.


We’re Copynook

We envision and create strategic content helping B2B companies grow their clientele and flourish as a brand through words.

This is the story of our founding and development – from a full-blown content marketing service agency to a pivot into a one-man company dedicated to mentoring & training marketing enthusiasts and back to a full-service agency.

Why Work with a bunch of Content Marketing Specialists?

Beauty in Expression

They respect and value your business’s style and will work hard to bring out the best of both

Focused messaging

They convey your business’s ideas and most essential benefits in a few but well-chosen words.

Knowing the audience

 Two things are a law before writing – to know the topic and the audience they are writing for.

Exceptional precision

They sift through the essential part of your business message. They’re writing to be understood by the client, with the attitude to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Strategic Business Requires Strategic Content.

Client Results


Top SERP Results

Positioning the website of one of our clients in the top search results for 6 groups of targeted keywords through long-form educational articles.


Custom Content Topics

We comprehensively develop from idea to regular publication thematic columns that help to build the authority of the brand.


More website sessions

We created a series of 6 episodes of long-form articles, then combined them in an exclusive e-book, and boosted lead generation efforts.

“I found out about Copynook while looking for a marketing expert, who was going to lead our marketing campaign. We quickly became a team. Extremely well prepared, with knowledge of our topics of interest, and demonstrated professional behavior. Six months after we started working, we are extremely happy with Copynook and we would highly recommend them!”

Preslav Hadzhitsanev, CTO at Stretchbit

“Copynook are true professionals with good skills in copywriting and content writing. We worked together on a couple of projects and I recommend their services.”

Aptrail Halil, Head of Marketing at PRFirm

“I want to recommend Copynook as copywriters, taking into consideration my professional experience with them on my project - Foreigner BG. They are easy to work with and deliver quality content on tight deadlines. They always go the extra mile to deliver the right piece of content taking care of the details and also being able to understand the bigger picture!”

Daniel Montiglio, Founder & Editor at FOREIGNER.BG

“Vasilena is a reliable, positive, and creative person who has a remarkable desire to deliver value. They quickly became part of the in-house content team in such a specific industry like ours. Together we have worked & continue working on social media planning & long-term strategy as she produces great social media posts and engaging blog articles. Working with Copynook is a pleasure!”

Elena Mena, Marketing Manager at National Archives Corp.

“I have worked with Copynook on several projects related to lifehack.bg. My impressions are excellent! The content they created was of excellent quality and complied with all the requirements and deadlines we had agreed to. They also contributed some interesting suggestions and ideas. Extremely responsible, ideological, and correct. Each time, it is a pleasure and ease to work with Copynook to create quality content for our projects.”

Hristo Stoyanov, Founder & CEO at Lifehack

“Vasilena is a highly motivated marketing professional and the fastest learner I have ever seen in this field. She's been working with Sappience for the past six months, and I was initially impressed with her content creation skills. It then proved itself in various fields, from the creation of a marketing strategy to the planning and implementation of campaigns and subsequent analysis. What is great for a marketer is when he focuses on both brand building and leads generation. Vasilena is the one who has the focus and the right set of skills in both disciplines. This makes her the perfect team player and the link between marketing and sales - a complete professional. In addition, she has an excellent understanding of Sappience's business and has gained the necessary expertise to use in the implementation of the company's marketing plan.”

Angel Georgiev, Founder & CEO Sappience

“Copynook are tremendous! They have incredible energy combined with a strong creative charge - young people dedicated to the cause and the task! They gave us detailed feedback about the campaign, specific guidelines, and great ideas! Did in-depth research on each of the keywords we set and created a structured text with many useful recommendations and messages for our readers. The traffic to our blog has greatly increased and our team continues to rely on her for other projects. In general, the Copynook team are universal digital fighters with talented spirits and big hearts. I am very glad to know them and work together!”

Veseilina Kupenova, Founder & Inspiring Manager​ KissTheFrogNow

“"National Archives" contacted Copynook due to the need for assistance in creating content by a content specialist. Their professional approach, energy, and creativity showed us that there will be no task that is insurmountable. Their initiativeness and desire for development, as well as their behavior as team players, quickly broke the framework of the originally planned tasks and we set goals for joint work in the future.”