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What the warriors say?

I met Vasilena by chance. We needed a marketing expert in our team, who was going to lead our marketing campaign. We arranged a meeting we quickly found out that Vasilena was our teammate. First, she was extremely well prepared, she has studied our current state. Second, she had knowledge of every topic that we started. Third, she behaved like an expert and professional. We set goals and further steps to start our work. And now six months after we started working we are extremely happy with her and we would highly recommend it.
Preslav Hadzhitsanev
CTO at Stretchbit
Vasi is a big professional with good skills in copywriting, content writing. We worked together on a couple of projects and I recommend her services.
Aptrail Halil
Head of Marketing at PRFirm
I have been working with Vasilena for over a year now and I am very pleased with our joint work in several projects. Writes practical, useful, and socially engaging content. Great at planning content marketing. Creative, passionate about work, and positive.
Peter Neftelimov
Founder at | Co-founder & Mentor at Zero Start
I want to recommend Vasilena as a copywriter, taking into consideration my professional experience with her on her job as a copywriter that she has done for my Project Foreigner BG. Vasilena is easy to work person, and dont get confused for her age, she is able to deliver quality content in tight deadlines. She always goes the extra mile, to deliver the right piece of content, taking great care on the details, and also is able to understand the bigger picture! Have been a pleasure working with Vasilena, and I'll defenitly recommend her for any position that may require a copywriter and digital marketer.
Daniel Montiglio
Founder & Editor at FOREIGNER.BG
Vasilena is a reliable, positive, and creative person who has a remarkable desire to deliver value. Even starting as a freelancer she quickly became part of the in-house content team in such a specific industry like ours. Together we have worked & continue working on social media planning & long-term strategy as she produces great social media posts and engaging blog articles. Working with Vasi is a pleasure!
Elena Mena
Marketing Manager at National Archives Corp.
I have worked with Vasilena on several projects related to My impressions are excellent! The content she created was of excellent quality and complied with all the requirements and deadlines we had agreed to. She also contributed with some interesting suggestions and ideas. Extremely responsible, ideological, and correct. Each time, it is a pleasure and ease to work with Vasilena to create quality content for our projects.
Hristo Stoyanov
Founder & CEO at lifehack™

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