We’re Copynook, the outsourced in-house content team for B2B companies

We help Business-to-Business companies connect with their dream clients through thoughtfully produced and precisely targeted content. We make the audience recognize their desires, goals, and vision in your brand message. Originally a one-man team (in 2018), Copynook has evolved into a team of people who share a love of the word and content marketing.

Together we envision the story of each company we work with. We imagine what the future state of your business could look like and define your transformation journey through creative storytelling. Then, our team ensures buy-in across the organization with a visual and tailored immersive experience​. And finally, we execute your strategy and ensure a smooth launch with a production-ready schedule and basis for content success plan​.

Along with all this, we fell in love with looking for information on the Internet and libraries, to communicate with people and seek knowledge, to maintain the balance between our youthful spirit and professionalism.

Our Philosophy


Results = Generated Leads

We define your creative journey by prioritizing business outcomes aligned with your vision. Maximize the impact from your content strategy.


Bring Out The Best In You

We use design thinking to generate and organize great ideas through creative and critical thinking approach.​ Secure your position as a niche topic leader.


Your Content Is Your Voice

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Let’s make it loud and clear what it is that you provide your customer with.

State your purpose, fulfill your mission, and let them see the added value.

Generate Qualified Leads

Increase Email Subscribers

Grow Revenue

Let’s Chat

Gathering business context

Discussing challenges, goals, and working tactics

Existing content audit & advice

Detailed content development roadmap