Content Writing: Unravel The Real Power of The Content Chain

Content Writing

Do you think you have power over your word?

There are so many things you want to say to your visitors

  • Wow, how much content we have produced and readers do nothing! Wasn’t it supposed to work…
  • I wonder what to write about now. Is it better to describe the latest market trends, or to share some interesting advice? Hmmm, I better write about the new colleague!
  • I still can’t get to our corporate blog, and obviously, no one cares about it. We haven’t updated it in months!

We stop here. You get it, right? There are dozens of other problems that answer the first question:

‘Why don’t our readers do anything?’

Because you do nothing.

Indeed, you and your co-workers make some effort to write articles and announcements, but that’s nothing.

“You realize you can be rude to someone like that, can’t you?”

This is far from our goal. Our message is short and clear:

Without interconnections between the individual elements, you break the content chain.

Yes, there is such a thing, and it is part of the value chain. Every piece of content you create is a ball of energy.

By themselves, dozens of articles don’t work for you. They are isolated energy balls. Everything changes when you release them.

What does it mean to write content? As far as I know, there are many types.

Yes, you are absolutely right. Here are some of the things we have created so far:
  • Electronic books
  • Product landing pages
  • Landing pages
  • Blog articles
  • Announcements
  • PR articles
  • Infographic content
  • Thematic series
  • Pillar articles

This is what we at Copynook do:

We release the isolated energies of the content by connecting them, forming a whole organized system of information and data.

Structured in this way, your content will give maximum benefit to visitors to your site, thanks to the semantic connection between the topics.

This is the turning point that will make you gasp in delight:

‘YES! Our visitors finally started filling out the subscription forms, commenting, sharing, buying.’

We challenge you to challenge us with your own mind-bogglingly ingenious project.

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