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Episode 5: The Future Trends of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Asset Management trends are changing rapidly. Let’s take a deeper look at these developments and find out what lies ahead for the future of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

Your Road To Digital Twins Starts Here

This eBook will guide you from establishing an advanced asset management strategy up to the actual application of the Digital Twins technology. Take control of your enterprise development!

National Archives Corporation: Preserving Trust

National Archives Corporation Logo: Preserving trust

Честичко сме казвали, че документацията и архивирането са критични, макар и понякога неволно пренебрегвани аспекти на всеки бизнес. Всяко предприятие има важни документи, които трябва да бъдат организирани и съхранявани сигурно. Ето защо всъщност архивирането е неизменна част от напредъка на компанииите. Но каква структура се крие зад успешното архивиране на информация? Предстои да разберем.

#OwnYourArchive Разбира се, за вас мотивът може да е напълно различен, но това са 8 от любимите ни причини защо обичаме да работим с дигитален архив на документи 🥰

“We got your back!” или в случая “We got your archive!”

KissTheFrogNOW: Let Your Team Live The Tale

How To Develop Teams That Accelerate Growth

Teams are a key element in organizing work in today’s corporate world. We need to take into account the fact that teams develop and mature over time. But how to make sure that your team is developing in the desired direction?

8 Miraculous Tips On How To Design the Best Team Building Exercises

Learn how to design and execute successful team-building exercises with this comprehensive guide!

FOREIGNER BG: Best Info and Advice for Expats in Bulgaria

The state social insurance is carried out on the basis of the principles of obligation, solidarity, and equality of the insured persons. The principles of the insurance system in Bulgaria are regulated in the Social Insurance Code. In this article we will introduce you to the basics of social security in Bulgaria.

Each country has written laws, regulatory measures, and authorities. Apart from them, several unwritten rules must be followed to have a good (and safe) trips. Here are 15 surprising things not to do in Bulgaria.

We are about to get familiarized with the founding of Bulgaria – where, when, and under what conditions. Let’s go even further back in time, all the way to …

Are you looking for the best cities to live in Bulgaria? Well, stop searching, because you’re in the right place. We will share with you the top 6 cities to live in Bulgaria for 2020.

Stretchbit : 8 minutes of stretching - whole day of exercise

Prevent chronic pain one stretch at a time!

Copynook wrote and edited the landing page to re-construct it and optimize for user experience and conversions (downloads) for the newly released app - Stretchbit.

Stretchbit Facebook Page

Stretchbit is a digital personal health coach. The app will help you prevent health problems from sedentary work by stretching for only 8 minutes a day. Get tens of unique stretching exercises. Take care of your health. Say 'Thank you' to your body

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