How It Works

Technical Writing – Ensure customers, partners, and internal teams understand the value of your solutions with the help of clear and concise conceptual and procedural content.

Case analysis

Requirements planning

Product messaging

Professional writing

Launch, Measure, Refine, Repeat

Step 01

Solution onboarding

Our team will undergo training on your products and services to get to know their functionalities and unique features.

Step 02

Structuring and framework

With this knowledge, we will build a path for your users to master the ins and outs of your product and learn to get the most out of them.

Step 03

Preparation of the material

As we prepare the content we will collaborate with your internal teams and rely on our technical skills to present the information in an understandable and usable way.

Step 04

Review and release

We’ll put the content through one final test – an evaluation by your in-house product experts. This will guarantee accuracy before we launch the masterpiece in front of your audience.

Strategic Business Requires Strategic Content.

Client Results


Top SERP Results

Positioning the website of one of our clients in the top search results for 6 groups of targeted keywords through long-form educational articles.


Custom Content Topics

We comprehensively develop from idea to regular publication thematic columns that help to build the authority of the brand.


More website sessions

We created a series of 6 episodes of long-form articles, then combined them in an exclusive e-book, and boosted lead generation efforts.

Copynook gave us detailed feedback about the campaign, specific guidelines, and great ideas! Did in-depth research on each of the keywords we set and created a structured text with many useful recommendations and messages for our readers. The traffic to our blog has greatly increased and our team continues to rely on them for other projects.

Veselina Kupenova, Founder & Inspiring Manager KissTheFrogNow